Interview with Preston Thompson

How did you get into the sport of Ultimate?

I got into Ultimate in Middle School, a camp I used to go to had it listed as a free time activity, and that’s about all I did. I fell in love pretty quickly.

How long have you played ultimate and what teams have you played for?

I’ve been playing for around 9 years now. I’ve played for Riverwood High School, University of Alabama, and the Club teams ROMA, and Southern Hospitality.

Do you like college or club ultimate more?

Definitely College. The band you get with your teammates isn’t comparable to club. You spend every day with your team and it only makes the experience better. Club is definitely a higher skill ceiling though.

Do you think USA ultimate is doing the right job to promote the sport of ultimate?

Personally I don’t think USAU is doing the right job. I’m quite alone from this viewpoint, but I feel that USAU should transition into more of a College Sanctioning division, like the NCAA, and leave the higher level of the sport to the newly established professional leagues. At the very least they should begin being cordial to the leagues, rather than cold and unsupportive.

Is there anything you wish you could change about the tournament structure?

I’m starting to favor a professional style of 1 to 2 games per weekend, with longer games. As a player, it’s easier for the body to handle and your focus is more central. As a spectator, longer games create more in-game trends. Like basketball, teams go on hot streaks and cold streaks, where in a game to 15 that wouldn’t be possible.


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