Ranking The Best Callahan Videos

Every year, the Callahan Award is given to best player in college ultimate frisbee. We go back and rank the top 5 best videos.

5. Stanley Peterson-Colorado

Stanley Peterson’s high flying ability, and no care for his own body, breaks him into the top five with this video.

4. Elliot Erickson-Georgia

Elliot’s incredible plays, while being shorter than the competition, makes his video superb. Also, his music is spot on.

3. Dylan Freechild– Oregon

Dylan’s overall speed makes you have to watch the video multiple times, and watching it multiple is worth it.

2. Justin Allen– Appalachian State

Justin’s incredible sequence of high flying ability and incredible flick hucs makes this video incredible. Definitely one of the all time best.

1. Nick Lance– Georgia Tech

The GOAT. The video that changed the quality of Callahan videos. Nick’s dynamic throws and larger than life playing brings the viewer a grin from ear to ear. The best of all time.




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