About Me

I started playing Ultimate when I was Sophomore in High School. I heard about the tryouts on the school announcements and thought it would  be something cool to do.With the help of my two best  friends, we joined the Highland Park High School’s Ultimate Frisbee team. The first year I played ultimate, I hardly ever saw the field and couldn’t make a throw. I did however fall in love with the game. Luckily the next year we had only four plays return and I was voted captain. Being a captain and being not very good was not a good look. So, that summer Joe and I trained and researched the game every day. By the end of my junior year I made second team All-state and 2nd team all region. My senior year I made All-state and made the YCCC Dallas team.

When I entered college, I joined the University of Alabama Frisbee team. The college game was more intense than I could have ever imagined.I used my hard work to put me ahead in the high school, but everyone puts in the work in college I had to double my training and research just to keep with the veterans. The hard work definitely payed off. Last year I won Freshman of the Year for the section and made the All-region freshman team. The highlight of the season was winning our fifth straight sectional title.

I designed this page to be everything ultimate. I believe that this sport can grow beyond anything we have ever imagined. To do this we need to ask the hard hitting questions and figure what is the best possible solutions to our problems. We will learn everything from beginner tips to the business side of the game. We will grow with the sport.

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