The Difference between Ultimate and Disc Golf.

A lot of people I talk to do not know the difference between Ultimate and disc golf, and honestly if i didn’t play the sport I wouldn’t know either. So, I will do my best to explain the differences. Ultimate is played with a plastic disc inside a field. The goal for each team is to score in the opponent’s end zone. You can not run with the disc and there is no contact. Disc Golf is played on a 18 hole course with different types of disc. The goal of disc golf is to make the disc in a chain net in the least amount of throws.


Beginner’s Throwing Workout

Some people believe the hardest part about playing ultimate is learning how to throw. The best way to learn how to throw is by, well, throwing. Here is the workout I used when started to throw.

Stand 10 yards away from your target.

Throw 10 flicks, backhands, and hammers.

Then stand 15 yards away from your target.

Throw 15 flicks, backhands, and hammers.

Then stand 20 yards away from your target.

Throw 20 flicks, backhands, and hammers.

After this workout is completed. Stand in an open area and throw the disc as far as you can five times each throw.


This workout is for beginners and should be done after stretching intensely to avoid injury. This workout is recommended to be done everyday unless you are sore from a previous days throws.  More advanced throwing workouts are coming soon!

Ultimate Conditioning workout

Ultimate is one of the hardest sports to condition for. During a tournament you run the length of a marathon but you do it in short sprints. The year Alabama won its conference championship, they used this workout.

First Third of the season: Building long distance endurance

Running for between 18-24 minutes every other day. Run 20 percent of full speed for 40 seconds then 80 percent of full speed for 20 seconds.

Second third of the season: Building sprinters endurance

Cycle once a week while practicing other days.

1st workout 15- 120 yard sprints.

2nd workout 15- 150 yard sprints

3rd workout  12- 170 yard sprints

Last third of the season: Building speed and keeping endurance.

Twice a week. Towards the weekend of the final tournament make it lighter to lower fatigue.


2-100 yard sprints

4-80 yard sprints

6-60 yard sprints

8-40 yard sprints

10-20 yards sprints

Then do in reverse order.

Drink plenty of water and stretch often. DON”T over due it.